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True Off Road Athlete

The third-generation Grand Vitara is a pure SUV (sport utility vehicle) born and bred to free the spirit and open paths where none existed before. Under a product concept of "off-road athlete", it then exactingly engineered the model in the same way athletes rigorously train to excel in a wide range of demanding situations.

The goal was straightforward: Improve on the real all-road mastery, efficient performance, practical urbanity, and the ease of use people have come to associate with the Grand Vitara. Suzuki's heritage of producing sporty 4X4 vehicles with real off-road capabilities provided the DNA; advanced automotive engineering, the breeding.

General Description

Design and equipment levels anticipate new expectations, while technological advances raise convenience and versatility for all. Furthermore, two model configurations allow consumers to choose the model right for them. The 5-door is directed at families, outdoor enthusiasts, and others looking to maximize utility and versatility while 3-door is aimed at customers wanting nimble agility and efficiency. Whichever the configuration, the Grand Vitara is not for people afraid to live beyond conventions: It's for people who know the real journey begins where the road ends.

The Grand Vitara has the look of an athletic champion: A muscular, well-proportioned body born strictly of purpose. A short front overhang and large-diameter tyres project sporty aggression, while flared fenders and wide treads contribute to a look of sure stability.

Stepping inside, the occupants are immediately immersed in a world that is pure Suzuki. Artful touches of silver rise up from a predominantly black interior, and daring designs blend with classic forms in the highly acclaimed interior. Most surfaces are contoured, and most edges rounded. Not only pleasing to the eye and touch, the design reduces minor injury potential when off-roading.

The Grand Vitara is the third model in the series, but the basic concept has remained the same since the debut of the first model in 1988. This concept can be encapsulated in the phrase: "Bringing higher performance to the urban cross-country vehicle". At the same time, the production team's unifying goal throughout was to produce a vehicle that would take Suzuki's reputation for excellent four-mode 4X4 drivability to new heights.

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