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The Suzuki APV offers comfort, spacious-ness and convenience. Everything an active family needs. Dual Air conditioning system. Folding down front and second row seats. Electric door mirror and windows. Third row seats can be stowed for more cargo.

General Description

The body is compact enough for handling and parking ease, yet it houses a spacious interior and flat floor that are big on comfort and utility. Unlike many others, the APV is a genuine eight-seater van. Its third row was designed for three adults to sit in comfort. Many others cannot have this kind of legroom or space, particularly for the second- and third-row passengers. The driver also enjoys wide clearance between the seat and the door.

All occupants will enjoy the practical layout. The seat positions, angles, and sizes as well as their heights are precisely tuned for comfort. The high positions of the waistlines give the driver and passengers a great view. The driving environment will instantly feel familiar to all drivers. The steering wheel is comfortably angled toward the driver, and the pedals and levers are naturally positioned.

Numerous measures provide the comfort level of a higher ranked car. Many more anti-heat, anti-noise, and anti-vibration measures realise a new standard of calm and comfort for Suzuki- and for others to copy. Features to reduce heat include a front radiator and air tunnel, and to reduce vibrations, a larger air cleaner and a larger silencer.

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