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About Us

"As Antigua and Barbuda's largest auto dealer, Hadeed Motors is also one of the country's most successful and dynamic business enterprises"...

Quote from former Prime Minister Lester Bird

When Hadeed Motors Ltd. started operations in 1972, under the watchful eye of Senator Aziz Hadeed, it did so with a simple corporate philosophy; "Putting the ownership of a motor car within the reach of the average family in Antigua and Barbuda."

Hadeed Motors started out with the Nissan dealership (Datsun at the time), and expanded its base to include Daihatsu in 1992, Suzuki in 1995 and most recently, Infiniti.

Several local Car Rental companies speak highly of the assistance they received from Hadeed Motors, which enabled them to become major players in the rental industry today.

Some of the people with whom Hadeed Motors Ltd. has established excellent working relationships include the Gregory brothers (Conroy and Caswald), Sonny Francis, Eugene Matthew, Oakland Richards, Allan Gomes and Steadman "Stead" Colbourne.

It is with the support of these and many others that Hadeed Motors Ltd. has been able to expand and grow to the position it has achieved today... Antigua's premier motor vehicle dealership.

The Hadeed Group aims always at giving our customers superior value; our employees, business partners and the community equity in our success; and our shareholders fair and attractive returns on their investments.

We are committed to being good corporate citizens, actively initiating and assisting developmental efforts in the communities in which we operate.

We are further committed to taking prudent risks to achieve sustainable long-term corporate growth, whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards in conducting all our business.

Visit us at our showroom in Antigua.
Located on Old Parham Road.

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Fax: (268) 481-2547